About us

Payon Faam Arad Co established in 1387 as the exclusive company in Middle East for Water transfer printing technology based on knowledge of transferring and full automated machineries from Taiwan. The primary production was made in 1388 on wall clock and house hold parts. Afterwards, house hold and automotive parts were added. One of the other achievements of Payon Faam Arad Co is purchasing advanced injection machineries and mechanized component assembly line to have plastic injection and component assembly in the company.

Our Services

Decorative Coating services
Decorative Coating services: Wooden patterns Coating services and various patterns of colorful films on external surfaces in products and components in different industries like Automotive, Household, electrical equipment…
Plastic Injection services
PFA Company is also having activity in case of Production and Plastic injection services (by providing raw material or just the injection), using updated machineries from the range…
Productions Painting Services
Painting services on various parts, especially automotive parts are done in 2 different ways as Automatic and manual, which has the ability of covering all products such as…
Assembly Services
Development of an assembly line is considered as a main concern. PFA Co is ready to offer assembly services and is responsive to customer desire with low price…
Establishment of manual process for the production of low quantity amount of productions in addition to automatic and mechanized color covering is for the aim of Special services…
In the event of respect to the customer right and customer orientation and increasing production quality, has equipped the laboratory in current year to be able to do…



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